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The Meat Cleaver Massacre (Horror / Comedy)

Log Line

On her senior retreat a God-loving virgin befriends a serial killer who helps her teach a lesson to the mean girls who tormented her: that "Thou Shalt Not Kill" does not apply to bitches!

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Horror / Comedy
Length: 105 pages
Est. Budget: Low Budget ($100K - $250K)

Screenplay Synopsis

On her senior retreat, an innocent, virginal, God-loving high school girl becomes the brunt of the mean girls pranks until she befriends Meat Cleaver Max, a deranged serial killer who's oh-so-happy to murder the mean girls for her. But when Max's murderous appetite gets a teensy-weensy bit off course she must put her faith in God aside to stop Max from killing everyone on the retreat, and she must show the last mean girl that thou shalt not kill does not apply to bitches!

The Meat Cleaver Massacre is Silence of the Lambs blended together with the high school comedy of Mean Girls. Hanibal Lecter + a bevy of vacuous teen beauties = a sadomasochistic screwball teen-sex comedy horror.

With a limited cast and limited number of locations, The Meat Cleaver Massacre could be produced on a limited budget.

Matty, a naive, virginal, God-loving high school girl goes on her senior retreat determined to figure out Gods plan for her. The first night Matty becomes the brunt of the popular, mean girls prank. They leave Matty in the woods, drugged, naked, and covered in peanut butter where she gets a tongue bath from a bunch of wild animals.

The next morning while trying to find her way back to camp, Matty meets Max Meat Cleaver MacKay, an escaped serial killer who has taken on the identity of the local ranger. Max takes an interest in Matty's situation, having been harassed as a kid, too. Matty begins feeding Max clues as to where the mean girls are, innocently at first, but increasingly more pointed as she realizes what Max is capable of.

Matty hooks up with her life long crush who she thinks is her soulmate. When she finds him cheating on her with the remaining mean girl, Matty sicks Max on them both.

Max's murderous appetite can't be quenched, however, by killing a few popular girls. Max wants to kill all the girls on the retreat, even the nerds and ugly ones. Matty battles Max and saves the last few girls. On her way to call the police, Matty finds one of the mean girls still alive. Matty kills her and gets away with it by making it look like another one of Max's many murders.

WGA/w registered #1570272