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Log Lines

Below you will find log lines for many of my completed screenplays. To learn more about a specific screenplay, please click the "Learn More" link.

Don’t Turn Out The Lights! - While watching television late one night, a couple's children let out a blood curdling scream. The parents race to the bedroom to find the kids huddled together, mortified. A witch has arrived to abduct the children, but the witch only appears when the lights are out... so don't turn out the lights! [Learn More]

Forgiveness - After a father's daughter is almost killed by a murdering thug, the thug begins threatening the father in effort to stop the father from testifying against him. One night when the thug sneaks into the family's house, the father gets the jump on the man and must decide between killing the thug or forgiving him and letting the justice system take its course. [Learn More]

SuperStereoPhonic.com - A cheesy stereo pitchman changes his name to SuperStereoPhonic.com in an effort to bring more attention to his struggling website. [Learn More]

The Glorious Afterlife - A recently widowed woman beta tests a brand new device that allows her to call her late husband in the afterlife. Unfortunately her husband has been condemned to Hell for an eternity and he can do little more than scream in agony on the calls. [Learn More]