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Lynda Flynn (Comedy / Romantic Comedy)

Log Line

When an up-and-coming YouTuber meets a pre-law student they hit it off immediately, but their strong opposing personalities begin to clash, he's super logical and career minded while she's intuitive and wants to enjoy life, and they struggle to make their relationship work. Think Annie Hall but with a modern, Millennial sensibility.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Comedy / Romantic Comedy
Length: 95 pages
Est. Budget: Micro Budget (less than $100K)

Screenplay Synopsis

Have you ever met someone who you were instantly attracted to but had trouble getting along with? LYNDA FLYNN is a romantic comedy about two young lovers who are instantly and infinitely attracted to each other but struggle to maintain a relationship because of their strong opposing personalities.

Shelly Anderson is a practical man. He's introverted, logical, and career minded. But he's in desperate need of some social graces. Lynda Flynn is the complete opposite. She's outgoing, emotional, and eternally playful. But she needs some structure in her life.

Shelly works as a bartender while doggedly trying to promote his YouTube channel. Having never had a lot of luck with women, he started his YouTube channel to explore relationships and hopefully help him become more successful with the opposite sex.

One afternoon, Lynda Flynn, a recent college graduate preparing to take the LSAT and go to law school, walks into the bar and applies for a job as a waitress. They hit it off instantly. Shelly shows her around and they flirt their way through the entire evening.

They start to spend more and more time together. They go on long romantic dates. Their first kiss is magical. And the sex is outstanding!

As their relationship matures, small problems start to pop up. Lynda pokes fun at Shelly's rough appearance and takes him to get a stylish haircut and some new clothes, and teaches him about the small things that mean a lot to women.

As Shelly diligently works to build his YouTube channel, Lynda has trouble studying for the LSAT. She wants to talk, go out to eat, and fool around, as she's bored with studying. But Shelly keeps working on his YouTube channel and telling her that she needs to study.

Test day arrives. Lynda fails. She runs to Shelly for support but Shelly's pissed because he told her to study but she didn't. Lynda runs away in tears and breaks up with him a few days later.

Shelly realizes that he made a huge mistake in not giving Lynda the support she needed even though he told her so. Shelly goes to Lynda and tries to win her back. He gets a slick haircut and wears the cool clothes that she bought him unfortunately Lynda really has moved on with her life and while she's still attracted to Shelly, she doesn't think they are a good long term fit for each other.

Lynda Flynn is a comic look at a relationship filled with passion and problems. It's the story of two people who seem to be meant for each other but ultimately can't make it work. It's for all the people who have meet mister or misses right but didn't end up with them.

The cast is small and all the action takes place at easy to find locations like a dive bar and a small apartment, so the film could be produced on a very minimal budget.

WGA/W Registration Number: 1887889

About This Screenplay

The cast and locations are limited so the film could be produced on a modest budget. The main location is a dive bar.