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Irrefutable Evidence (Thriller)

Log Line

Irrefutable Evidence is a classic film noir about a quiet insurance man who falls for the wrong woman-- a dead client's wife, and finds himself trapped in a murderous web spun by his own limitations and inabilities.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Thriller
Est. Budget: Less than $1M

Screenplay Synopsis

Note: This screenplay was recently purchased so it is no longer available. However, it can serve as a writing sample. Production is set to begin soon.

Irrefutable Evidence is a post-modern noir mystery set in present day Los Angeles. Utilizing a limited number of noirish claustrophobic sets, and no need for stunts or major special effects, Irrefutable Evidence could be made on a limited budget.

Irrefutable Evidence is the story of an innocent man, Gene Magar, trapped in a noir world, trying desperately to escape his mundane job as an insurance salesman, and his miserable home life with a tyrant wife. He finds such an escape in Mary-Beth Singer, a client who's husband has recently died. As their relationship deepens, so does the suspicion that surrounds the mysterious death of Mary-Beth's husband.

There's Mary-Beth's other lover, who's dead set on getting a cut of the hefty insurance money due Mary-Beth, even if Mary-Beth doesn't love him anymore. And there's the old noir detective with his own code of ethics, determined to figure out what exactly happened to Mary-Beth's husband.

As Mary-Beth and Gene make plans to escape with the insurance money, her lover, now insanely jealous, develops his own plan to get the money. Meanwhile, the detective starts to piece the mystery together; Mary-Beth's husband didn't die of "natural causes." Before it's all over Gene is trapped in a web of murder and deceit, going to jail for two murders he didn't commit, and one murder that never even occurred.

Irrefutable Evidence is a Hitchcockian tale of mistaken identity and murder, human weakness and individual deficiencies. It's a fatalistic noir tale of one man's vain struggle to escape his own limitations, unfortunately an impossibility in the world of noir.