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Man and Woman and Woman and Woman and Another Woman (Comedy / Romantic Comedy)

Log Line

After her boyfriend cheats on her, a young woman seeks revenge on the man responsible, a misogynistic best selling author who teaches men how to successfully cheat on their girlfriends.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Comedy / Romantic Comedy
Length: 100 pages
Est. Budget: Low Budget ($100K - $250K)

Screenplay Synopsis

When Holly, an overly trusting twenty-something nurse, finds a copy of Brad Barkers Lie, Cheat, Screw - a how-to guide for people who want to cheat on their girlfriends and wives - hidden in her boyfriends desk, she starts to seriously suspect that hes cheating on her. The next day Holly and her nurse friends, Renee, a pre-op transsexual, and Gretchen, a potty mouthed alternative chick, catch Holly's boyfriend with his cock in the cookie jar.

Renee tells the other women about her recent experience with a boyfriend who cheated on her and tried to use Lie,Cheat, Screw to cover his tracks.

And then Gretchen discovers her boyfriend cheating on her, also using Lie, Cheat, Screw as his playbook.

The three women decide to start a support group to help all the women Brad Barker has hurt. But where will they get the money to start a nationwide support group?

They figure out where Brad lives and Gretchen hatches a plan. Holly, the most attractive of the three, will meet Brad at a bar and flirt with him. Then, once she has him alone, she will drug him and install some spyware on his computer that will track all his online activity, and eventually give her access to his bank account where she will steal some money to start the support group.

Holly gets dolled up and approaches Brad in a bar. They flirt a bit but Brad is onto Holly. Many angry women have tried to lure Brad into a trap before. Holly admits that her boyfriend did cheat on her and she was there for revenge. Brad, intrigued by her honesty, buys her a drink and they actually start to hit it off. Later, Holly is able to get the spyware installed on his computer when he passes out.

The next day Brad asks Holly out on a date. She reluctantly agrees to go. Although an obnoxious misogynist, Brad has a certain charm and Holly is attracted to him.

Brad lays on the charm, thick, and Holly falls for it. After a long date, they end up sleeping together.

The next morning its clear that Brad was playing Holly and has no long term interest in her. Holly is livid and feels used.

Later that day Brad does some online banking and Gretchen is able to intercept his log in details and steal his money, all of it, not just what they needed for the support group.

When Brad realizes hes been robbed he immediately calls the police.

Holly and Renee are worried that the police will be able to track the theft back to them, but Gretchen assures them that the spyware is absolutely, completely, 100% untraceable.

The police easily track the spyware back to Gretchen and arrest her. But Gretchen wont implicate her friends.

Brad goes back to Holly and tries to record her admitting that she was involved in the theft. Holly realizes what hes trying to do and vows to take revenge on him.

Brad is scheduled for some cosmetic surgery at the hospital that Holly and her friends work at. Renee has been having second thoughts about her sex reassignment surgery. Holly gets Renee to schedule her surgery for the same day that Brad will be there for his operation.

Holly switches the operating room and paperwork and Renee's doctor goes into Brads room to perform a sex reassignment surgery on him thinking its Renee. Holly has a change of heart and bursts into the operating room. But its too late, he is now a she, and Brad will now learn first hand what it's like to be a woman!

WGA# 1699885

About This Screenplay

It is the Bridesmaids getting even with the misogynistic guys in The Wedding Crashers.

It is a dark romantic comedy that can appeal equally to both men and women.