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Twenty-Two Million Stolen Dollars (Thriller / Crime)

Log Line

After a bank robber is killed in a remote hotel, a down-on-her-luck hotel maid decides to find the stolen twenty-two million dollars before the FBI and a hard-core greedy grifter find it first.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Thriller / Crime
Length: 100 pages
Est. Budget: Low Budget ($100K - $250K)

Screenplay Synopsis

The story begins with Millie as she shoots a cooking video for her 30 Minute Meals in Twelve Minutes YouTube channel. Shes around twenty-five, sexy, but stuck. She works as the maid and cook at her father and stepmothers rundown desert motel.

Larry, A mysterious guest at the hotel, booby traps his room setting a massive explosive device in the closet.

Moments later, Wes, a sociopath bodybuilder pulls up and charges into Larry's room. He beats Larry to pulp and demands to know where it is.

Larry finally tells him that its in the closet.

Wes goes into the closet and the bomb goes off. Wes is severely wounded, but manages to shoot, and kill, Larry before stumbling out to his car and tearing off into the darkness.

The police and FBI arrive to investigate. Agent Patricia Kern, the sexy middle-aged FBI captain leads the investigation. Shes a no-nonsense lesbian and immediately has a crush on beautiful Millie.

Millie is able to eavesdrops on the investigation by hiding in the attic of the motel and listening to the conversations that take place in the various rooms below.

Millie quickly learns that Larry stole twenty-two million dollars and hid it somewhere before he was killed. But nobody knows where the money is.

After some debate, Millie and her boyfriend decide to try and find the money before the FBI does.

Meanwhile, Wes shows back up and starts taking out, one by one, the local police and FBI agents who are working on the case.

After investigating, Millie realizes that Larry switched rooms during his stay at the motel. She goes to clean the original room and finds the money stashed in the box springs of the two queen beds. Unfortunately the FBI has set up their surveillance in that room and it is monitored by one of the agents 24 hours per day. And Larry booby trapped the bags of money with a several large explosives.

Millie and Darrell come up with a plan to try and lure the FBI out of the room while they get in and get the money.

Wes continues to sneak around the motel slowly killing more of the FBI agents and local police.

Wes learns that Millie and Darrell know where the money is and are going to try and get it. So he kidnaps Millie's father and stepmother and forces her to continue with the plan, except shell have to give the money to him once she gets it.

Without proper preparation, Millie and Darrell try and get the money. Unfortunately their plan goes awry and they're only able to get half of it.

Darrell decides that he doesn't want to use his share to save Millie's parents, so he takes off with his portion of the money.

Left with only a quarter of the money that Wes is expecting, Millie comes up with a plan but when she opens the bags of money she realizes shes been duped -- by who? -- and there is nothing but paper in the sacks. No money.

Millie takes the paper to Wes and as he checks the sack it explodes. Millie put one of the discarded bombs that Larry had left back into the money.

Later, Agent Kern tells Millie that she knew where the money was for quite some time and switched it out.

Millies stepmother over hears that the money is now sitting in Agent Kern's car outside. Her stepmother grabs a gun, shoots Agent Kern, and tries to drive off with the money. But Millie, realizing at the last minute that Wes was her lover, is able to stop her.

Kern, in love with Millie, tells the authorities that Millie led her to recovering the money, so Millie gets the small reward money which is enough to fix up the motel and expand her online cooking show.

Registered WGA/w 1669349

About This Screenplay

Twenty-Two Million Stolen Dollars is a sexy thriller that could be made on a very limited budget, as it takes place almost entirely at one location, a run down motel. The story revolves around a cunning, strong, and very sexy twenty-something woman, so there is a great role for a young actress.